“La noche me sirve de sábana”

Inspired by Calle 13 lyrics “la noche me sirve de sábana” from their song “La Perla”


by Gisselle Morales

how to be okay withyourself // without the rest of the world

a list of steps to take when it feels like you are the only one in the world feeling the way that you do, alone, completely sola. when you feel far away from home and can’t quite remember what you are doing, who you are in this moment of your life, en este mundo.

  1. look at baby pictures of yourself

                 as evidence of

                            your resilience and how

                                                                                     far you’ve come

set them up on a table in a small corner

light up the candles and the copal

                                                                                      how much you’ve grown


  1. play music

                  of those who once felt like you

                                who cried and smiled resistance into

                   lyrics of songs when no one else listened

                   canta corazón

  1. fold your clothes

                  even your socks

                  especially the ones with the lost halves

  1. draw a picture of your home

                 the multiple or the one you’ve lived in

                 or just the one you’ve had to carry on your back

  1. go to el mercado

                  just to

take in the colors and smells

                                a recuerdo of comida anyone has ever made or has not made for you

  1. buy a can of leche condensada or dulce de leche

                  don’t let the world make you grow bitter

                  because then it has won and

                  laughter radiating from your brown body es parte de la lucha

  1. wipe down, limpia, ese mirror

see yourself como eres

as yourself by yourself

  1. llora

                  and forget the voices in your head

                 that once called you a xillonx

                 a lloronx

                don’t be ashamed niñx

  1. listen to voicemails

                from those who care about you

                remember de donde vienes

  1. mira a la luna desde tu ventana

              porque la noche is the same everywhere

              y te sirve de sábana



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