An Ode to Self Care: Playlist

by Charlene Adhiambo Editor’s Note: We are excited to introduce one of our new columnists, Charlene Adhiambo. Charlene will be curating biweekly playlists of mostly rap and r&b music, with a focus on Black femme and/or queer artists. Charlene’s first playlist is called An Ode to Self Care and features songs by Kehlani, NAO, Dreezy, Lizzo and others.   Description: Songs for when you need to … Continue reading An Ode to Self Care: Playlist

Why Students Need the #RightToRecord: One Survivor’s Story

by Brandee Blocker Content warning: This article discusses issues of sexual violence. ~ Columbia University’s Executive Vice President for University Life, Suzanne Goldberg, recently responded to No Red Tape’s Right to Record petition. The petition demands that the University repeal its new policy of forcing students to sign a contract stating that they will not record any sexual misconduct investigation, hearing, or appeal proceedings, or … Continue reading Why Students Need the #RightToRecord: One Survivor’s Story


by Patricia Pou Jové ~ Editor’s Note: We’re excited to introduce Patricia Pou Jové as our new columnist. Patricia will be contributing pieces to our First Person section on a regular basis.  Sometimes, I purposely exaggerate my natural accent in English. Actually, exaggerate is far from the correct word. I let it loose, I free it from the constraints of my almost-perfect pronunciation. I shed the unnecessary … Continue reading Accent-uate