Welcome to our website! re:claim is a new publication at Columbia that aims to create a platform for voices that are often excluded from mainstream media and campus life. We are dedicated to reclaiming freedom of expression for those who have been historically silenced because of their race, class, sexual orientation, and other marginalized identities. We seek to be a publication whose values and practices are rooted in histories of student organizing, anti-oppression politics, and creative resistance.

re:claim is currently accepting submissions! We’re looking for op eds, essays, music, poetry, short stories, visual art, dance and choreographic pieces and other creative work. We especially encourage submissions from writers/artists/musicians of color.

re:claim is also seeking staff members interested in doing in-depth, honest reporting on the communities and causes they are closest to. If you believe in building a platform towards liberation, we’d love to work with you to!

*CONTENT WARNINGS: If your work covers mental health issues, trauma, eating disorders, violence, abuse, or other sensitive & possibly triggering topics, please consider what content warnings would be helpful to readers and editors. We ask that you include them in the body of your submission email*

While you’re here, check out our About page for more on our editing process and values. Email with the subject line [STAFF] or [SUBMISSIONS] if you’re interested in getting involved!